CyberPDQ is the latest new product innovation from LM Computers. It is designed to save operators both time and money in charging for services using their clients’ credit cards on a repeat basis. CyberPDQ is a first for the laundry and dry cleaning market and is relevant for many other industries, too.

As its name suggests, CyberPDQ uses specially written computer software to facilitate the batch processing of credit card transactions. Any number of cards may be charged simultaneously and automatically using a standard PC with an internet connection and the relevant software loaded. Batch transactions are instantly processed and a full report printed of the outcome for manual follow-up where transactions have failed. At no time is a traditional PDQ machine ever used. The whole process for any number of cards takes just a few seconds compared to laboriously charging cards one after another using a traditional PDQ system.

CyberPDQ also legalises the process, since the storage of customers’ credit card details in unencrypted form is illegal. To be stored legitimately, credit card details need to be encrypted so that they cannot be accessed fraudulently. CyberPDQ has achieved this by forging a strategic partnership with a leading global payments services company, with PCI level 1 data security certification from Visa/Mastercard.


Not only will the new system reduce time spent in processing card payments, it will also save the cost of buying a PDQ in the first place and the cost of multiple PDQ telephone calls. However, another very important feature is that payment is immediate and so dramatically improves cashflow. Once an order has been processed, payment may be requested by card and immediately received. That compares with the negative cashflow that ensues from an invoicing system, where the invoice is often raised at the end of the month and not paid for at least another month. Switching to credit or debit card payment is now readily accepted by customers and, since payment is immediate, it saves time on cash collection and avoids the risk of customers defaulting on their debt.

CyberPDQ works in an entirely stand-alone manner, and may be operated from a standard PC, or linked to any existing EPoS system and, naturally, it may be readily integrated with LM Computers’ own Touchtill management system. Crucially, businesses are able to retain their existing acquirer when installing CyberPDQ software.

The system is much simpler to use than Direct Debit, which many clients are fearful of and can be difficult to become accredited for. CyberPDQ software is available on a rental basis for a modest monthly charge and registration for the new system takes only about 10 days. The standard CyberPDQ software handles all major credit and debit cards, except for American Express, which may be added for a small premium.

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