Case Studies and testimonials

We take great pride in the compliments we receive from our customers. Understandably, they can only envisage in advance some of the benefits that a Touchtill, TouchPack or LinenTrack system will bring them. Post installation, they inevitably find features of the software they were unaware of to start with and which they rate very highly, for the convenience and costs it saves them. It is not surprising that when they become skilled Touchill users, they invariably say that the system has dramatically improved the profitablility in their business. In many cases those savings offer a payback on the system that can be measured not in years but a few short months. We are proud that a high proportion of our new business comes from recommendation by our existing customers. You may care to hear what they say about us and learn a little more about their experiences of installing a Touchtill system.

Coming soon RFID case study. We now have several sites running our  RFID software.








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